what's up?

huppity do-dah

my schedule has been so insane lately. i'm just tired. so its a good thing they are making me take time off at work next week, right? really only because i've got too many hours saved up and its the end of the year. short notice, and my better half has to work, so what the h am i going to do for a week? 

i guess i can get around to doing some backups and doing some end of the year copyright filing. anything but go to the mall, if i can help it. maybe i'll drive up to the bob's big boy show in burbank next friday. probably just a bunch of rich white guy cars.


i have several pics ready to post; just haven't been home to post them. so, finally, here's one from the whittier uptown show. don't see these hupmobiles very often. if i look through my files, i probably just keeping the same one in different places.

they're different looking. and there's that fragile looking hood ornament.